Acountable Care Organizations (ACO) have been identified as an Emerging Pratice in pathology by the CAP House of Delegates Action Group on Communications Regarding Pathology Practices. This page will serve as an up-to-date directory of resources regarding Acountable Care Organizations.

Please feel free to add any relevant links regarding Acountable Care Organizations to the list below (in alphabetical order).

Accountable Care Organizations, ExplainedEdit

A brief explanation of ACOs by NPR.

CAP ACO Resource CenterEdit

Daily Briefing on 89 new additions to ACO listEdit

Published articles and other web resourcesEdit

Pathology service line: A model for accountable care organizations at an academic medical center. Sussman, Ira. Prystowsky, Michael B. Human Pathology Or get the paper here

ARUP Presentation

State ResourcesEdit

Massachusetts Medical Society

Medical Society of Virginia

Wikipedia: Accountable Care OrganizationEdit

Wikipedia page explaining ACOs.

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