This page is a list / directory of the various grants available for pathology residents. If you know of a grant that is not listed here, please add it. Also, please list the application deadlines and link to any website that has more info about the grant.

Travel / External Elective GrantsEdit

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ICPI Travel AwardEdit

Offers pathology residents and fellows funds for travel to pathology society meetings. Awards of $500 or $750 are available, depending on whether or not a trainee is also presenting a poster. Applications are due 30 days prior to the beginning of the meeting the applicant is interested in attending.

ASCP Subspecialty GrantsEdit

Offeres pathology residents grants of $1000 or $2000, depending on length of rotation to do external subspecialty electives. Two rounds of awards are adminstered each year. The next round of grants has a deadline of August 14, 2011.

CAP Foundation GrantsEdit

The CAP Foundation offers a wide range of grants for research, conference travel, and subspecialty training. Currently, the grant program is on hold while the leadership transitions. However, there is funding for future grants, and anyone who has been awarded a grant will receive their funding as originally indicated. We will update you as soon as the program is re-instituted.

Research AwardsEdit

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Industry GrantsEdit

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