Business CardsEdit

Business cards are a quick and simple way to network. Saying hello to someone and leaving them with a business card gives them a quick reminder of who you are. If your program doesn't provide business cards, there are many sites (vistaprint, freebusinesscards) that will provide free or very low cost business cards.

Networking 101Edit

This is a version of a talk on networking that Jerad Gardner, MD gave to the CAP Residents Forum (03/2011).

1. Break the IceEdit

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Have Someone Else Introduce You
  • Introduce Others to Those You Know
    • Let the Outsider into the Circle

2. Make Yourself MemorableEdit

  • Be an Active Listener
  • Listen and Respond to what is said
  • Ask questions about the other person
  • Find common ground

3. Close the DealEdit

  • Tell them it was great talking to them
  • Ask for their business card / contact info
    • Then offer yours
  • Confirm agreements made during conversation
    • “I’ll be sure to say hi to Dr. Soandso for you”
    • “I’ll find that article and email it to you”

4. Follow UpEdit

    • Otherwise they may forget you
  • Contact them in a few weeks regarding a point discussed during your conversation
    • “Dr. Awesome, what was the name of that great restaurant we discussed at the networking reception?”
  • Social Networking
    • A very powerful tool for networking and relationship building
    • Make a second (professional) Facebook page
    • Use LinkedIn

Now Go Network!Edit

  • Meet the grownups (attendings)
    • Residents often stand in circles and don't interact with practicing pathologists. Don't do that!
  • They are probably more afraid of you than you are of them!

Networking OpportunitiesEdit

  • Pathology Residents need a strong network of colleagues to succeed in the field. The College Of American Pathologists (CAP) will be offering several networking opportunities at their annual meeting- CAP'14. Many of the most influential Pathologists will be attending the meeting. For more information on Resident Networking events at CAP '14, visit the CAP'14 Resident events page.
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