Ending fellowship in June 2015 (the only fellowship I have done).  I am an AMG.  Went to residency at a mid-tier program, fellowship at what everyone would universally recognize as a "top" program.  I applied to about 10 different jobs across the country.  Most of them were academic, though 2 or 3 were private practice.  All but two of them was listed on at some point (two of them were was just word of mouth at the time I applied, but one was posted on PathologyOutlines later).  I heard back from 6 places.  One of them declined to interview me, 4 did not respond to me at all, and 5 of them invited for interview (one of them I declined the offer to interview because I aleady had two pending job offers that were looking good to me).  Got two job offers (and I speculate that I was about to get a third or fourth), when I accepted one of the two offers.

The job market is not the best, but it is still navigable.  From my perspective, the three most important things for getting a desireable job, though not necessarily in this order, are: 1)be an AMG, 2)be a good networker or have good connections, 3)be from a top-tier residency or fellowship program. 02:53, March 22, 2015 (UTC)Current hemepath fellow/soon-to-be practicing pathologist

Thanks for sharing your story!  This type of discussion is encouraging and I wish more people would post success stories. I believe the job market is on the upswing.  Congrats on the job!

Lauren Stuart (talk) 19:42, March 23, 2015 (UTC)

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