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Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Program[]

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Quoted from pathology forum post by jp123ok on 2/10/2011:

"By way of background, I completed a 1-month elective at UVA last year.
"I was really impressed with the UVA program. The program director, Dr. Atkins, is very friendly, as are the residents. They have lots of big name attendings -Wick, Mills, Patterson, etc. I attended a few conferences while I was there and these were quite good (Mills' weekly conference was especially worthwhile). Also, the facilities at UVA are very good. A couple of downsides (or upsides depending on your perspective) about this program are that it is spread out so you will do a lot of walking. Also, you will definitely work hard when you are on surgicals.
"UVA has a number of fellowships, including dermpath, so this should certainly be an important consideration for anyone interested in fellowship training.
"One of the biggest selling points about the UVA program for me was the city of Charlottesville which is beautiful and safe. It is a small town, which may not appeal to everybody. However, it would suit someone who likes doing outdoor activities such as hiking.
"I enjoyed my month at UVA very much and would definitely recommend the program."[1]

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'Fellowship Training Programs'[]

The Department of Pathology offers fellowship training programs of one to three years duration in the following areas.

Clinical Chemistry Fellowship[]

Cytopathology Fellowship[]

The Fellowship in Cytopathology is a one-year, ACGME accredited program. Two fellowship positions are offered each year.

Dermatopathology Fellowship[]

The Fellowship in Dermatopathology is a one-year, ACGME accredited program. Beginning in 2014 the program will only be accepting two fellows per year. Training is conducted by Dr. James Patterson and Dr. Mark Wick. One of the strengths of this program is that both Dr. Patterson and Dr. Wick receive numerous interesting and challenging consult cases each day. Therefore, in addition to routine cases, fellows get to see a wide variety of unusual and challenging cases.

Gynecological Pathology Fellowship[]

Hematopathology Fellowship[]

Neuropathology Fellowship[]

Transfusion Medicine Fellowship[]